Systems integration

Today’s online customers expect to access all the product information they need to make a buying decision and complete a transaction on your website. Silkmoth will ensure that they can through systems integration, keeping you ahead of your competitors whilst improving your operational efficiency.

A vital need

The proliferation of distribution channels plus the increasing expectations of customers based on their experience of on-line B2C shops means it is vital to seamlessly integrate all touch points; even if your customers have unique pricing or payment terms as is so often the case with B2B transactions.

Meeting demand

By ensuring that your business delivers rich and accurate content across all channels; providing the kind of functionality that modern customers demand in a competitive market, a multi-channel strategy driven by systems integration will also deliver a valuable return on your investment.

Driving profitability

Silkmoth can help your online business to prosper by integrating your on-line presence with your back-office or ERP systems, together with any 3PL or order fulfilment providers, to provide sophisticated yet consistent and reliable on-line experiences that will boost sales and reduce costs.

Flexible solutions

Using proven systems we have integrated warehouse management systems with eBay stores which in turn have been integrated with appointment management systems. This is not the usual kind of eBay transaction and is a good illustration of the kind of flexibility that our systems can offer.

Selling 24/7

Using SKUbank - our product information management system - we’ve also integrated product feeds and pricing files to produce customer-specific catalogues that exactly match a range of over 40,000 products that are also available for B2B customer to buy on-line 24/7.