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Establishing a new nationwide home tyre installation service in the United States through partnership and technology. Silkmoth worked with Omni United to roll-out America's fastest growing mobile tyre installation service.

Is this the way to...?

Launched in June 2018, Fit Omni vans hit the road in Amarillo, Texas soon followed by Dallas, Texas and Farmington, New Mexico. Omni United plan to stretch their footprint across all major cities and metropolitan areas across the US in the next five years.


The Fit Omni service is fully integrated with Omni's wholesale ERP system, Oracle's NetSuite. As well as that the service is tightly coupled with Silkmoth's own scheduling software. Silkmoth's scheduler allows Omni operators to plan van routes with timeslots chosen by customers.

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Establishing a new model

Unlike in the UK, mobile tyre installation is a relatively new business in the United States, especially on a nationwide scale. Omni United relied on Silkmoth's vast tyre e-commerce experience to deliver the right solution in a timely manner.

High levels of customer service

US customers are very demanding. The Fit Omni service is all about end-to-end quality. From the customer's online buying experience, to the Uber like tracking of vans on installation day through to the quality of service provided by the tyre technician. Everything has to be a five-star service for the customer.

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