Why us?



We have a strong reputation built on trust. Our customers trust us to deliver their projects not just in a timely, cost-effective way but in an analytical, process-driven way.

Our development methodology ensures we deliver a solution that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Customers typically stay with us for years, some even for a decade or more.



We've sold everything online from beds to bungalows, lingerie to laptops.

We've also built some large scale web applications delivering online company reports, credit history and anti-money laundering tools. We provide a system for the construction industry that helps to manage the health and well-being of tens of thousands of workers.

Want to talk about our tyre experience? Don't get us started on that...



It's easy to do business with us. As a small, agile company with vast experience of delivering web and software solutions we've probably already delivered a project similar to yours.

All of our staff are experts in their field and all communicate regularly with our customers.

We don't hide behind account managers and salesmen when you need us.



We will focus on what your business needs. This often involves asking some tough questions and we may ask you to change some of the ways that you do things.

We follow-up all of the projects that we deliver with an analytics based review and improvement programme.

We'll work together to continually evolve your solution so it's up to date with your changing requirements.

About us

Software development in Cheshire since 1985

We believe that software and the internet have the power to transform business. We love helping companies to use technology to enhance their performance. Silkmoth offers a powerful and cost-effective blend of business acumen, proven experience and excellence in software development that has enabled our clients to maximize online effectiveness and streamline business efficiency.

We help our customers to use web and software technology to do business better and make more sales, more profit and serve their customers more effectively. We develop software for clients to help with e-commerce, business to business e-trading, systems integration and product information management.

We work with organisations of every size - from small businesses to multinationals. Our clients are based throughout the UK.

Meet the team

Management team

Carl Dean - Managing Director Martin Riley - Sales & Marketing Manager Wendy Dean - Project Manager

Development team

Gary Barclay - Development Lead Simon Cooper - Live Systems Manager Matthew Ross - .NET Web Developer Conal Shaul - .NET Web Developer Samantha Donnelly - .NET Web Developer

Customer support

Michelle Smith - Support Team Leader Nathan Boughey - Systems Administrator and Customer Support Adviser Francesca Cook - Customer Support Adviser

How we do it



.NET, MVC, C#, SQL, Bootstrap, jQuery


Cloud platform

Azure virtual machines, cloud services, websites, Azure Service Bus and SQL Azure


Content management

Kentico gold partner

Our process

  • Requirements analysis
  • Functional specification
  • Technical specification
  • Build & unit test
  • System test
  • Make live/publish
  • Customer acceptance
  • Customer training
  • Review & improve


Without your assistance we would not be where we are today. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Adrian McGreavy

Beaumanor Fluid Power Products