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TyreClick case study

Working in partnership with Micheldever Tyre Services, we developed software which captured more website visitors to deliver more sales from more customers across hundreds of distinct websites; providing the shortest possible customer journey whilst delivering better value from existing customers.

White-label engine

Since its launch in 2013, TyreClick delivers the UK's largest website network for independent tyre fitters. Each dealer is delivered with a fully customisable website allowing them to tailor the look, feel and pricing that suits their own business.

Locally optimised

Each website is search engine optimised to draw in local visitors to each fitting centre. The fitting centre's focus is on location and service meaning that customers don't need to travel far to get their tyres fitted and they'll get great local service usually in an owner-managed business.

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External data sources

TyreClick is fully integrated with DriveRight to incorporate VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark) to tyre fitment lookup. Usually a service that is out of reach for most independent garages, the power of a massive network makes it affordable.

Automatic fulfilment = same day fitting

Each dealer website is integrated with the Micheldever's back office fulfilment systems meaning that all orders, regardless of where and when they are placed, are automatically handled in the same manner and most of them without the need for human intervention. The integration of delivery schedules means that all TyreClick websites are able to offer same day fitting. A first in the UK online tyre market.

Systems Integration

TyreClick pulls together data and services from a number of external systems. Pricing, stock and order processing are handled through an integration with CAM Systems' CAMEO wholesale ERP system and MIDAS web services. Vehicle, MOT and tyre fitment data are provided by DriveRight and the DVLA. The many thousands of tyre images and marketing collateral are integrated with Silkmoth's own tyre database.

Tyre Reviews

Since 2019, Silkmoth have been capturing consumer reviews for the tyres they have purchased through Silkmoth's various tyre e-commerce solutions. With over 25,000 reviews Silkmoth were able to provide consumer feedback based on real world usage not only at the tyre pattern level, but also for the vehicles they were fitted on.

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