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HiQ Tyres & Autocare case study

A national e-commerce solution for a franchise dealer network was proving challenging to Goodyear/HiQ. Silkmoth's SellMoreTyres.com e-shop solution was uniquely placed to solve the problem of how do you sell local stock at local prices on a national website.

Local stock & pricing

Franchise tyre dealer networks are complicated. Every dealer will source tyres from local distributors and each will sell tyres into their local communities at prices that are right for their businesses and communities.

Silkmoth's unique SellMoreTyres.com eShop Extension allowed HiQ to support each dealer, on the existing HiQ Online website with their own, seamless web presence.

Each dealer's eShop is configured to sell locally sourced stock from a multitude of distribution partners. Each dealer's eShop is configured to sell that stock at prices that match the dealer's in-store prices.

The result is a coherent network website where dealers maintain not only their identity but also their business model.

Going mobile

At the beginning of 2022, following an increase in demand caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, Silkmoth helped HiQ launch a pure mobile service: HiQ2U. Initially, the service is centred on the Midlands serving customers between Birmingham and Northampton and operates six days a week.

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