Constructing Better Health

Constructing Better Health

Enabling our client to build an integrated database of all construction workers, trades, sites, conditions and hazards, we developed software that facilitates the evaluation, health testing, fitness for tasks and issue of a recognised approval card for UK site workers; thus ensuring compliance with H&S legislation.

Unique solution

CBH is a not-for-profit organisation that works to ensure improved Health & Safety across the building and construction sector. Our unique and innovative software solution provides a vital management tool that will ultimately constitute a central resource for the UK construction industry.

Software development

In order to facilitate the collection and storage of all relevant data, conditions and certifications in a way that is accessible to a wide range of different users at a variety of restricted-access user levels, Silkmoth developed a database solution with a user-friendly web front end interface.

Health matrix

The system records occupational health data and builds a ‘health matrix’ for the evaluation of individual workers and their suitability for various sites and hazards. At the same time, it compares outcomes from external databases and so drives health testing and certifications with nominated providers.

Built-in training

In order that new users should be rapidly able to acquire proficiency in operating the system, the web front end also incorporates an on-screen help and training facility where users can access instant help by clicking on icons and tabs to see further guidance without leaving the screen they are working on.

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